Online lending: The cost of the BNPL revolution

Online lending: The cost of the BNPL revolution

We spoke to Leon Muis, CBO at Yolt Technology Services about the pros and cons of BPNL and changes in the industry


Commbank Neo vs NAB Straight Up Card:

00:00 – Introduction
00:57 – HUMM Offering
01:37 – BPAY with HUMM
02:16 – Example #1
04:01 – How they trick you!
05:39 – How they make money
07:02 – Is this unethical?
08:04 – Example #2
08:52 – Example #3
09:36 – Example #4
10:25 – Compared to a mortgage
10:58 – What we find out
11:40 – Example #5
13:19 – Low incomes get affected more!
14:40 – Kills your borrowing power!
15:15 – My thoughts

BNPL services are becoming super common these days around the world, and among them is Humm. On the outside, it seems like a reasonable offering, however just how much is it really costing you? In this video we take a look at a few different examples to figure out how much it’ll cost you if you finance different things at different prices.

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Who is Humm? Let’s hear it from them:
2.7 million customers in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom use hummgroup’s innovative, exciting and accessible consumer finance products. Our customers can pay for purchases using buy now pay later (humm and bundll), revolving credit (humm90) or buy now pay later for business (hummpro). hummgroup continues to design products around the core needs of financially savvy consumers spanning millennial spenders through to young families and small and medium businesses, offering flexible, personal payment terms. The company will be entering Canada in H122.

Fyzee Nauman is not a financial adviser and is not providing professional advice in this video. He is providing general information for education and entertainment purposes only.

You should seek independent legal, financial and taxation advice about how the information in this video relates to your circumstances before you make any investment decision.

Fyzee Nauman is not liable for any direct or indirect loss caused by reliance on the information in this video.

Why BNPL Payments Could Be The Next Financial Revolution? | Growth.Lat

Why BNPL Payments Could Be The Next Financial Revolution?

The term ‘Buy now pay later’ (A.K.A BNPL ) is referring to the customer taking home their purchase but paying for it over time.

In the past, ‘Pay later’ shopping typically referred to an interest-free period following the purchase, during which no payments were made and no interest charged.

However, after this interest-free period, payment in full was expected otherwise the interest from the original time of purchase was added.

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Why BUY NOW PAY LATER Cards are facing the heat from the Regulators? : DARK side of BNPL

Disclaimer: The views expressed are that of the creator and does not represent the views of the sponsors.

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VIDEO INTRODUCTION: In the past 2 years, The buy now pay later industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries in India. and whats absolutely mind-blowing is that the BNPL market is growing so fast in India, that it achieved an insane growth rate of 569% in 2020 and 637% in 2021. 
But on 20 th of June 2022, the Reserve bank of India made an announcement that shook the entire BNPL industry!! This notification disallowed non-bank prepaid wallets and prepaid cards from loading credit lines into these platforms. In simple words, This is a huge blow to some of the fastest-growing Indian start-ups like Slice, Uniorbit, and Jupiter. and until now these start-ups with their credit lines have played a vital role in taking financial inclusion and digitalization to the next level in India,
So the question is, What is the problem with the buy now pay later industry?
Why is the RBI hindering its growth with these regulations in spite of the industry growing at such a rapid pace?
and most importantly, as a student of Business what are the study materials to help you understand the super fast BNPL market of India?

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The Hidden Trap Of Buy Now Pay Later Services | BTN High

A lot of young Aussies are being caught out when it comes to paying for things using ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ services. We unpack what they are and look at the financial traps young people are falling into.

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