Dutch payments fintech launches in the GCC

Dutch payments fintech launches in the GCC will provide a one-stop-shop marketplace for branded payments with services in Arabic and English in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Ep#22 Fintech, Innovation and Digital Euros – Aleksi Grym, Bank of Finland

We often bring you perspectives directly from the field as we speak to the visionaries and entrepreneurs that are reimagining financial services, but today, we have a slightly different angle, and we are super excited to bring you a fantastic interview with Aleksi Grym, Head of Fintech and Principal Adviser at The Bank of Finland. As a Central Banker Aleksi has a very interesting view on how fintech is Developing in Finland and the driving factors that are contributing to the explosion of innovation we are seeing all over the Nordics.  

Aleksi has also been personally involved in the assessment activities that the European central bank has taken to evaluate the possibility of having a Central Bank Digital Currency also known as a Digital Euro; So if you are confused about what a CBDC is , what makes it different from the digital money sitting today in your bank account and whether a European CBDC could replace cash or even those cryptocurrencies you’ve been playing with in your digital wallet, then you’ve got to listen to what Aleksi has to say

June 20, 2023 – News in Payments & Fintech from The BayPay Forum

Bud Financial, Fluro, Bankable, Arex Markets, Neonomics, Spense, Okoora, Moniepoint, Opnfi, AsiaPay, HSBC, Amazon, YouLend, Worldline, Aryza,, MoneyGram, Easy Financial, JCB, ESA, EBA Clearing,, Froda, Lumar, Visa, GHL, Alipay, Russian hackers and many others are in the news today. This edition summarizes the news in Payments and Fintech for June 20, 2023. It is a short version in Beta (just a few minutes long). You can read the the details of the news at This episode is sponsored by PayKademy, the first business academy to learn Payments and Fintech at This is the video version of the newsletter we send by email every day. We hope you enjoyed it and see you tomorrow for our next edition or on our website at

Digital Euro, Innovation & EU FinTech Developments with Inge van Dijk from the Dutch National Bank

About this episode
In the fifth episode of PaymentGenes’ “Voices in Payments” podcast series season 2, our host, Diederik Klopper is joined by Inge van Dijk, Director Payments & Market Infrastructure at the Dutch National Bank. This episode takes a deep look at the developments that are shaping the future of FinTech, including the digital euro and how the central bank is keeping up with the rapid developments in payments.

The mission of the Dutch National Bank (DNB) is to safeguard financial stability and thus contribute to sustainable prosperity in the Netherlands. To do so, they work alongside European partners to ensure price stability, a shock-resilient financial system, and ethical financial institutions that fulfil their obligations and commitments
In this episode we talk about:
How players in the FinTech ecosystem can best contribute to the DNB’s vision.

What the Digital Euro is and why it’s important

The potential conflict with DNB entering into the domain of commercial banks

How the DNB balances ensuring the trust of the financial system while stimulating innovation and competition with the major developments in the AI, Blockchain, Cloud and data

What we can learn of Asia’s innovation in FinTech

The state of financial inclusion in the Netherlands

The most promising developments in the market, and how both companies and consumers can benefit from them

If you are interested in learning more about the role Inge van Dijk or the DNB play in the mentioned topics, feel free to reach out to Inge van Dijk for a conversation.

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Fast, Faster, Fastest: The Promise of RealTime Payments

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