Comma and KeyPay launch open banking payroll system

Comma and KeyPay launch open banking payroll system

Comma and KeyPay partner to launch the world's first open banking payroll system

The KeyPay partner experience

KeyPay changes the way you work and pay with our partner program and newly released partner dashboard. We chat to some Australian partners with highlights from our Christmas 2019 Partner Party.


KeyPay NZ | Cloud payroll software that automates Holidays Act compliance

Introducing KeyPay New Zealand! Easy-to-use online payroll that integrates with accounting, HR and workforce management platforms and automates the entire payroll journey. Designed for accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced payroll providers.

00:00 Introducing KeyPay
00:09 Partner dashboard
00:20 Branded payroll solution
00:26 Automated pay runs
00:37 Integration with industry-leading platforms
00:47 Employee self service
01:00 IRD compliance
01:13 Partner resources

Learn more about KeyPay today! https://bit.ly/3an1aDy

Payroll Demo Video: How to Onboard New Employees?

In this video, we demonstrate how to onboard new employees using KeyPay and as an Employment Innovations Managed Payroll client.

For the full video and transcript, please go to: https://www.employmentinnovations.com/videos/category-page/video-library-ho…rd-new-employees/

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End of Financial Year 2020/21 processing with Single Touch Payroll webinar

In our End of Financial Year STP webinar, we covered:

0:00 – Welcome to webinar
2:22 – Housekeeping: Employee details
6:42 – Housekeeping: Business settings
17:15 – Walk through of each step of KeyPay’s Finalisation wizard
23:19 – Finalisation: Where to access excel reports for reconciliation from finalisation wizard
26:00 – Finalisation: How to update RFBA individually or in bulk
30:45 – Post finalisation: Employee notifications
33:31 – How to delete a finalisation that has not been lodged
34:25 – How to create an amended finalisation for changes and corrections after lodging your finalisation event
36:31 – Deadlines and changes to STP reporting

*Please note that the STP finalisation deadline has been extended to 31 July 2021 for those businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19 and need additional time.

Find out more about KeyPay here: https://bit.ly/3ADKnoG