2021: Settling into fintech`s evolution throughout 2020

2021: Settling into fintech's evolution throughout 2020

If 2020 was a year of accelerated trends and sudden upheaval to digital, 2021 will be the year we see the world settling into the change…

fintech_devcon 2021: What to expect in fintech’s next 10 years with Angela Strange

Discover why every company will be a fintech company. Learn how building open source primitives is the next evolution for financial services.

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Finance, Technology and Regulation in 2021

In this episode of Looking Back Looking Forward – the first of 2021 and the first of our second series – looking forward, Professor Douglas Arner talks about the key themes for FinTech, RegTech and digital finance in 2021. Looking back, Professor Arner highlights how 2020 marked the key trends for digital finance over the next decade: technology, sustainability, and an ongoing tension between globalisation and fragmentation. Looking at these in 2021, the focus will be on Digital Finance Platforms such as Ant, on normalisation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, on building better infrastructure including RegTech/SupTech and central bank digital currencies, and on the role of data and cybersecurity.

These concerns and possible approaches are highlighted in a new paper: ‘Digital Finance, COVID-19 and Existential Sustainability Crises: Setting the Agenda for the 2020s’, available at: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3783605

For more information on the University of Hong Kong’s financial technology programme and all the episodes of Looking Back Looking Forward, visit http://www.hkufintech.com and discover the transformation of information technology’s ever-growing impact on finance.

Tech Priorities for Financial Institutions in 2021 (Episode 1) | SFF 2020

As digital transformation accelerated, new risks emerge in the areas of operations, credit assessment and cyber fraud. However, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and persistent uncertainty in the global economy continues to pose challenging obstacles in early planning, forecasting and assumptions. The challenges are compounded with the intense competition from new market entrants. While Digital Banks and Big Techs are introducing radical technology and novel solutions to target the unbanked market, they are poised to disrupt the captive banked market previously dominated by the incumbent financial institutions. Financial institutions must break down the traditional barriers in their rapid move to scale digitally. This is hardly a choice. How far can they evolve and test their business model? What are the tech priorities needed to stay ahead of the curve? How would the emerging technologies address the new risk models and stress scenarios? Join us in this panel to find out more.

• Jonathan Larsen, Chief Innovation Officer of Ping An Group, Ping An Group
Ping An Global Voyager Fund
• Masakazu Osawa, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Digital
Transformation Officer, MUFG Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
• Srikrishnan H, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Jio Payments
Bank Ltd
• Steve Jurkovich, Chief Executive Officer, Kiwibank
• Dr Yanqing Yang, Managing Director, Yicai Research Institute

RPA in banking gives fintech a competitive edge

#RPA technology is becoming a popular tool with #fintechs, online and #technology-focused companies due to it’s dynamic functions. It is able to streamline processes and limit resources in customer facing functions. (Created on 3 Apr 2019)